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excused be sense. Yes. N our “Gma” cover sty. Aealth alert about penicillin. A new sdy I the journal of diatrics found mority of children who thought they were allergic to the antibc actually we not and D Jen is here to ain. Good morning. Happy Friday, robin. Thank you for letting get up and stretch my legs signifince of this? Weant T have a disclaimer. Some pple do have lihreatening allergy to the tibiotic nicillin. That is not who this study and this information is flies to. Itpplies to the other 90% of people and S T former children who werdults literally every day when ask if they have any allergy, the say, yes, penicillin. Xt question medically should be what is you reaction? Because if you getash a up of days after T peniin, that is not a ses ualifying reaction. If you getittleg.I. Upset, nausea, vomiting, not life-threatening so what this DI took a 100 children who were tht toe a lorisk allergy T penicillin, tested themgave them penicillin, not single one H an allergy reaction so talking a concept of delabeli a child when they get to ttor or emergency room. Reem ifou think you’re allergic andouno Big problem, okay, fir of all we ve to remember penicillins the most widely losebi T world. Medianal aspects used that sn fections, ear infections, sometimes urinar tract infections, pneumonia. You C get it we are fo to go other antibiotics, cousins that tend to be sophisticated and expensive. You at higher risk forther complications. Patients stay in thetal longerhen this he come in saying’m allerc to penicillin and have a higher ofurgical siteec postoptively. You need to know iou are allergic. If you are not not is it expend but puts your health in opardy? One of the first questions you’re D. Absolutely. How do you know iou or not. Here’s what people sho know. Parents or adults, they should takeir childo an allergist,kin tested. It is easy tnd then they’re deed to not allergic that labelines off. If they are determined to B alleichat’s a completely different categ but this is potentially life sg formation. You’ll have more information. Yes, Talk on website. “Gma” da “GM all day. All right, Michael. Allht, robin,ay it

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