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the gulf coast. Youknow, keeping our K fe at S has become a big Ness as CNI develop administrators look for news to proct classrooms. Erielle reere withhe story. Good morning. Good morning. As you ,Tu heading back C and security top mind. Technology Ted in hopes of kng kids safe. A watching, some ofse demonsations Maye disturbing. Watchin the north charleston.t. Teair R round into what looks like an averagelassroom door. But manufactur demonstrations show it’s designed to take on gunfire andbsorb bullets, even from a mily assault fl increased demand for ter school security, turniut soed up thnology like this. It’ly dis solution iue usually Tony Aring’s company make vle arr to protect tr he mission of se theerience weleaned a implore that to protect you folk. Repting an exclusive look. The results leaving eve S.W.A.T. Team astoun I’ll stand behind that any day oek. Reporter: Cost $4,00 apiece and part a pilot M. I believe there W be a great need to these typf doors to every claom help protect ou stud. Ept of a growing ofecurity solns shopped to schools across entry. He P button. Or we saw many a this conference. Are youimistice can protect our schools? School safety S not be this imrtant. Only when there is a sl oond that’s what wedon’t seem stand. It’s got to be as important test scores getting a look at theest 100 product Thi is lifeflight.aro launcher advertisedas a nonlethal med at a school shooter from up to 150 feet . Person to breathe so Akes the fight out of a threat. Milegrnd. Rr: For school resource ficers, thes revamped backpacks wi retractible rifle io enable quicker resp. Hargeit, your optic and moving the threat. Reporter: For all the adncements se experts say makingtrides whet comes to school safety will take much more than technology. These are really important. But really we should Beus preventing violence it en happens that we can deal with thosessues bore they actually show U at the soo aat. Reporte this is prettystaggering. Organizerss that Ence trip manied in size since last year. It’s schools,course, there are also products marketed to parts like a bulletproof backpack inst for a pa bi that co protect a study. Talked toxperts whoay esoducts may give peace of mind. That include focus on procedalso, of course, mental alth. Try everyt. Erielle, thanks Ver Coming up, Janet

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