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Transcript for Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users

What more a day. Good. Morning. For Iowa west twelve we are double leaned down. On performance. Okay. Wouldn’t. Top to bottom making improvements. To make your device faster and more responsive. And because we want these changes to be available to the full range for our customers. IOS twelve will be available and all the same devices as IOS left. Okay. This is the largest case ever supported. By an apple released you see I can easily measure. Along the suitcase by just. Tapping. And dragging out a line like that. And check that out it’s a measurement. Yeah. We wanted to make Siri won’t do much more for you and we’re doing that by taking advantage of the power apps for the new feature we call shortcuts. Now we shortcuts any app can expose quick actions to Siri. Let’s look at some examples. Not city you have the tie a lap because you’re always losing your keys. What the tire lap and expose the option to add a short cut to series. You can assign your own phrase such as I lost my keys be good choice and when you then say it. Siri won’t automatically. Activate tile and show you right in the series you I start ringing your tile just like that. We would’ve it taken animal G even further by making them even more personal. So I’m thrilled today to announce the arrival of the era of Nemo tree. Wind that’s life. With mean OG you can create your very own personal life. Okay. Face time is now integrated. Into messages she can quickly go from a group chat you have going directly in to a group face time. And members of the group and join in and drop out at any time. It’s really great would you like to see. Let’s go down. Okay. I think for our first live demo of group facetime. I’m gonna who contact the folks back in Cupertino not just dive into this conversation I have going. With the members of the face time team and looks like actually they’re already on a group facetime call so I’m just gonna join I didn’t. Hey everybody yeah. There. Check it out so it’s is beautiful. Face time you why we’ve these big gorgeous tiles right up front. We see some of the leaders of the face time team. And down of the bottom there’s an area we call the roster. The contains everybody else of course I’m right there in the lower right hand corner.

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{“id”:55642032,”title”:”Apple will now offer group FaceTime chats, more animojis for users”,”duration”:”3:16″,”description”:”Apps will now open 40 percent faster and the camera function will also be quicker to access due to the new iOS 12, according to Apple.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/apple-now-offer-group-facetime-chats-animojis-users-55642032″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}