Apple reveals new affordable iPad model for students, teachers Video

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Transcript for Apple reveals new affordable iPad model for students, teachers

We want to show you just how much fun kids can have collaborating. And learning together would bike path. So we made a video. And I’d want to run it for you now. Subtle subtle please don’t appear that there were not. Group three let’s have. IV and Michael. Oh run and Sally. And tops. Promise. Your homework. To explore. Don’t forget punters and long fly day prior they please. Apply it and don’t forget your. Homework. Homeward. No we’re triggered wars Kuwait and listening. If only a hippo which meant if you do business. Homework. Oh points or. You’re giving me. I’m thrilled to expand welcoming in the New York. Them tackle. My teacher science. I don’t mind let’s. Boy you. Q earnings this. You can just disappeared. Put tickle me play. Next up. Hughes didn’t. I’d like to thank every teacher out there around the world. For the important work that you do every debt. You were teaching the next generation. Of creators. And leaders. And myself and everyone at apple. Are deeply inspire. By what you do everyday. Thank you.

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{“id”:54047885,”title”:”Apple reveals new affordable iPad model for students, teachers”,”duration”:”2:56″,”description”:”CEO Tim Cook unveiled the device at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois, with 300 teachers from all over the world in attendance.”,”url”:”/Business/video/apple-reveals-affordable-ipad-model-students-teachers-54047885″,”section”:”Business”,”mediaType”:”default”}