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Celia, thank Ds we sai tonight, we have new reportinghere, wt Brett Kavanaugh willay ac him O with the country watching.night, the other mor development, that third accuser CING forwaith aworn statement. What she alleges a that she ss Kavanaugh was at. Tonight, rig Kavanaugh’s response, and as you saw at the to ening, were now or first times Dr. Ford polygraph test the results. C’s Terry moran,ho has covered treme court F years, ois again tight. Repter: Therming new allegationainst judge Brett Kavanaugh accuse him of sexual drinng while ihi his accuser, Julie swetnick, 55 years olho says shs worked on a off for theeral government for years and held security clearanceom homeland security, state a treasuryarong hers. In sworn affidavitt, swetnick she T Brett kavah and his fr mark judgin a attended “Well over tenhouse S” where the present. Oese partieand engage abusive D aggravward girls.” And she claims she “Witnessed efforts byar Brett Kavanaugh and others to cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could numerous boys.” And she alleges K waatse party I 1982 when swetnick Saye heelf was tim of a gang rape. ABC news has been unable to corrorck’s ons. Her lawyer, Michael avenatti, who also represents porn STA orls in her gal battles wiresidentump, this declaratare specic. E they are ue Reporter: Judge Kavanaugh ickly relied a statement. His is ridulous anom the twilight zone. T know whohi and is never hap mark jud named by swetnick, also released a state through S “Mr. Judge vehemently denies Ms. Swetni’s allegations.”swetick’s niarish portya of Kavanaugh as a teenager is simply irreconcilable wow describisounger self Fox News. When I was in high school, and I to an alloys catholicigh scho, a jesuit high school, where I was focusedoncademics and athletics, to churchvery flower at littlefler, and working on service precendship. Eporter: Kaugh and H hi snd mark judge are also at the center of the altion involng Dr. Christblasey for who claims that kavanaugsaulted high scho party whi judge egged him on. Kavanaugh and blasey Ford are set to testify tomorrow. Her lawyers today Reing her handwritten account as par a lidetector test she took and passed. Ford ws, “Brett laid on ofied to remove clothes while groping me. He held own and puhi on Muth to stop me from screaming for help.” She writes, “Mark jumped on top ofs two or three times” before she escaped. And her las four after daisits from peo whom blasey Ford told about the called assault years ago, including her husband, who says she first shart with him , right after W D then again a decade later. “I remember her saying the attackerame was Brett Kavanaugh,” he says. Kavanaugh submitting his own supportividence to the you — judiciarmmittee toy, inudmarkable dailed calendar kept as a teen, an effort to show he wasn’t the wild anima’s been porayed as, bubuh big these entriesing college interviews for brown and Yale, as well as a remind released today, Kavanaugh will declare, “There has been a frenzy to come up W anything, Matt how far-fched or odus that a vote omy MI these are last-minute smears, pure andpl he acknowledges, “I drank beer eekends wi Ms. Sometimes, I had too many. In retrosp I said andid INGs in hichake cw.” But he R adamant, “I have never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high scol, not in coil, not ever Therere aot of fast-mg developmts on this tonight LE to Terry at the supremeouus. And Terry, you just obtaid a coy of Dr. Fo opening statent tomorrow morning? Ter: That’s vid. It is a detailed, even moving accot of whathe says Brett Kavanaugh’s attack one sheaints a picture, takes you inside room,recalls she wasearing a one-piece bathing it whichight have her, and she says”brett’s ult on myrastically altered my life for a very long time. T aid and ashamed to tell an Terry Moran back at the prime cour F GHT.

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