Andy Richter Shames ‘F**ker’ Over Gag-Inducing Violation Of Airplane Etiquette

Break basic airplane etiquette around comedian Andy Richter at your peril.

The sidekick on Conan O’Brien’s late night TV show this week used Twitter to publicly shame a fellow passenger who repeatedly placed his bare feet on the seatback TV screen in front of him.

Richter explained in a series of tweets how he first “snitched this fucker out to the flight attendant.” He then asked the man to put his feet down. “When he just put them back up I decided fuck it, I’m tweeting,” he explained.

The man ended up leaving “dirty toe smudges” on the screen,” Richter wrote.

Check out the full thread here:

Richter’s posts went viral as many people, including “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill, praised him for calling out the passenger:

Other Twitter users, meanwhile, shared their own onboard horror stories: