An Interview About Plus-Size Fashion With Lolly Adefope

On Hulu’s Shrill, a six-episode dramedy series about a plus-size woman endeavoring to “change her life but not her body,” SNL’s Aidy Bryant plays the lead, Annie; and British comedian Lolly Adefope plays her bestie, the profoundly hip and lovably honest Fran. “The most dangerous thing a woman can possess is self-worth. Liking her own body, trusting her own instincts, valuing her own time,” The New York Times wrote of the show, which dropped March 15 to collectively rave reviews. “Sometimes this leads to advertisers having no idea how to corner us. If we don’t hate ourselves, how will we know what to buy? … Sometimes, though, self-worth sets us free. ‘Shrill’ is a show where that happens, and it’s lovely.” It’s so lovely, in fact, that Hulu just announced it’ll be renewing the show for season two in 2020.

A significant part of all this loveliness comes courtesy of Adefope, whose quiet confidence, witty banter with Bryant, and eye-catching wardrobe of vibrant jumpsuits and bomber jackets make Fran one of the most feel-good characters on the show. Fran already possesses much of the swag and self-love that Annie is working toward, and as we learned in a recent interview, so does Adefope.

We got the chance to chat with the stylish star about her favorite costumes on Shrill, her holy-grail clothing items, and the advice she’d most like to bestow on the plus-size fashion industry. Keep scrolling to read our conversation with Lolly Adefope (and to shop some of her best-kept style secrets).