An Honest Review of Klur’s Best Skincare Products

Sustainably made in California and studded with tons of organic, high-quality botanicals, Klur describes itself as “eco-inclusive beauty” and reflects esthetician and founder Lesley Thornton’s vision to create a brand epitomizing clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty for all. Let it be known Thornton didn’t just slap together another ho-hum skincare brand that would be lost among the thousands. Instead, she honed, perfected, and curated a small yet beautifully balanced array of formulas prioritizing simplicity, usability, efficacy, and long-term results and topped off with a hard-to-miss dose of instant gratification. (Try any of Klur’s stunning bottles, and you’ll immediately know what we mean.) 

To me, Klur is more than just quality products and a conscious ethos,” Thornton explains on the brand’s website. “It’s about a human connection. At its heart, there is a well-considered functional approach in both process and products. We are an independent, self-funded, woman-owned and operated company. We believe that sustainability not only means addressing the long-term impact on our ecosystem but that we must also make products that meet the demands of everyday life.”