An Honest Review of Jason Diamond’s InstaFacial

How Did You Feel Afterward? What Kind of Changes Did You Notice? My skin looked very plump! The texture of my skin looked glazed and smooth, even two weeks after the treatment. The most noticeable change was around my laugh lines, where Diamond injected my plasma. The lines have dramatically softened.

What Did You Like About It? I liked that there was no recovery time.

What Did You Hate? The process was a bit long. It can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Would You Try It Again? I would! Diamond mentioned that celebrities and models sometimes come as often as once a month for this treatment.

Any Advice for Anyone Who’s Thinking About Trying It? This is not a cheap procedure, but you definitely get that celebrity glow. 

Editor’s note: Since this treatment is customized to individual patients’ needs, it’s best to reach out to Diamond’s office to determine pricing.