An Honest Review of Byredo’s New Makeup Line

Boasting bold and extreme color ranges and pliable and manipulation-friendly textures, Byredo’s collection invites play and freedom, and it’s no secret the packaged design of each product feels like a treasure in and of itself. Fun fact: Gorham is behind the “uniquely totemic” anatomy of the collection, each of which can be interpreted as “obscure objects of desire to be possessed as well as worn.” (Take a look at the collection, and do with that information what you will.)

It’s also worth pointing out the internal composition of each product, as we are increasingly living in a world where clean, sustainably produced formulas are (and should be!) the norm. According to the brand, “there is a pursuit of perfection and quality that does not belie the human element.” And while each product is made from mostly clean, natural ingredients, performance and technology were of utmost importance. As outlined in the brand’s press release, “This is makeup that lives, moves, and breathes with the wearer and does not demand sophisticated application or a permanent filter IRL. Byredo is made for life—in both senses of the term.”

Being that I’m a beauty editor with a special affinity for fun makeup that hasn’t already saturated an overly full industry, I’m diving into everything you need to know about Byredo’s makeup launch just below—complete with photos, reviews, and what I personally feel is (or isn’t) worth your hard-earned dollars. Keep scrolling!