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Transcript for Amazon faces stiff competition from Google and Apple

In today’s tech might Amazon’s huge lead in Smart speakers appears to be shrinking and that still dominates the market with a by the fact those figures but they’re facing more competition from Google and apple. A new report says they are that’ll get 63% of the market in 2019 much less than it had this year. Over self driving cars overturned the road they were pulled in March after one of them hit a pedestrian. In the Phoenix area fell over insists the cars are safer one changed automatic braking will be activated at all times. On road testing resumed Thursday in Pittsburgh. And Nike is about to unveil its first self policing basketball shoes company says its march you’ll hit the market in spring expected to be lighter than earlier versions. Price tag on anyone’s around 350. Dollar teach your heart out partying that’s why somebody who lacing it for you. Preference act but.

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{“id”:59954644,”title”:”Amazon faces stiff competition from Google and Apple”,”duration”:”0:54″,”description”:”Plus, Uber’s self-driving cars are back on the road, and Nike unveils its first self lacing shoes”,”url”:”/Technology/video/amazon-faces-stiff-competition-google-apple-59954644″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}