Amazon Confirms It’ll Make ‘The Underground Railroad’ TV Series

In the story’s universe, there’s a network of secret tracks, tunnels, routes and safe houses that run throughout the Southern states and can take runaways seeking freedom to the north. Cora and another slave named Caesar take the train to South Carolina, where they discover a sinister plot to use black people as experiments, all while running from slavecatchers and mobs. Amazon doesn’t have a launch date for the limited series yet, but it’s expected to premiere sometime in 2019 on Prime Video.

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said in a statement:

It’s an absolute gift to have Barry Jenkins commit to directing all the episodes for our upcoming limited series The Underground Railroad. Barry’s eye for character and sustained exhilarating, emotional storytelling style ensures that this project is in the right hands. We can’t wait to get started and bring this significant story to our Prime Video audience.

This post was originally published on Engadget.