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Transcript for Amazon announces new headquarters in New York City, Virginia

Amazon now making it official company setting up shop in Long Island City queens for one of its two new headquarters. The headquarters will be split between Long Island City N Arlington Virginia. Governor Cuomo marital Bosnia are set to hold a news conference on the decision will monitor what you know what they have to say later in the newscast. Meanwhile now we have Eyewitness News reporter Sandra boatman who’s live in Queens with more reaction there Sandra. Yet David there is a little bit of celebrating going on here today as you mentioned there in Virginia to a lesser extent in Nashville and of course. Here in New York City anytime you talk about new development new jobs the potential for new tech app for more money being put into the test case. The people are excited however there are those here in New York City who say they CF. The city at this stage may have given up too much to Amazon. Amazon’s move to Long Island City gums with some big promises 25000. Jobs at 2.5 billion dollar investment. At least four million square feet of energy efficient office space with an estimated incremental tax revenue of more than ten billion dollars over the next twenty years. Some suggest what’s not July. I think is great especially for the businesses around here a lot of businesses have been struggling because I’ve met a lot of people in there evident they’re gonna bring you know. Businesses check people I think that’s a great idea good. That is city in good friends on. But others are concerned about the impact such a big project will have on housing and traffic here. And what potential tax incentives offered Amazon will actually cost the community. Shocked at the size so the public subsidies or promising them. To come here that’s almost three billion dollars when you factor in the state and the city elements so that. State senator Michael gee and iris who represents the area caused the incentives offered Amazon nothing more than corporate welfare. For one of the richest companies in the world. Money he says would be better spent elsewhere. I can tell you we are banner ads against or trying to figure out where we’re gonna find the money Rene just to make the transit trains run on time. And now Houston billion dollars that I guess we have which we know we have it’s going to Amazon it’s it’s just crazy. At this afternoon there’s very long list of elected officials raising questions about the deal one of the biggest concerns they all seem to have is a fact that there hasn’t. Been much. A community input up to this point Amazon is promising that the community. Well have a chance to talk about what it needs its promise some things a little bit more to the community a little bit more on that later today on Eyewitness News. And as David promised a little bit earlier the mayor the governor talking about this deal right now we expect to hear from them later in this news cast for now we’re live in Queens I’m Stavropol from channel seven. Eyewitness News.

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{“id”:59165682,”title”:”Amazon announces new headquarters in New York City, Virginia”,”duration”:”2:53″,”description”:”The company will invest $5 billion in the new sites, which will create 50,000 new jobs, the company said in a statement.”,”url”:”/Business/video/amazon-announces-headquarters-york-city-virginia-59165682″,”section”:”Business”,”mediaType”:”default”}