Allow Me to Explain My Obsession With Matiko Shoes

If “stan” is a slang word meaning an overzealous, obsessed fan of something—a stalker fan, if you will—then when it comes to the brand Matiko, I am a shtan: a shoe stalker fan. Excuse the ridiculous label, it’s just that before two years ago, when I discovered this low-key, affordable Los Angeles–made company, I never knew what it felt like to fall in love with a shoe brand so hard that you feel like it could fulfill pretty much all your shoe needs for the rest of time. And now, after a couple years of wearing almost selectively Matiko shoes every day to the Who What Wear office, and getting consistent compliments every time, I finally felt like they were owed a little love letter. (This is not spon con, by the way. I wish.) If you’re unfamiliar with my fave indie shoe brand Matiko Shoes, allow me to introduce you.