Allison Janney Says Psychic Told Her To Be On Watch For Mystery ‘Hot Pants’ Man

Romance could soon be in the stars for Allison Janney ― at least according to her psychic.

In a Wednesday appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the star of the CBS sitcom “Mom” and 2017′s “I, Tonya” revealed a penchant for speaking with seers. On one recent visit, Janney said her psychic ― whose name she gave as Wendy ― predicted a meeting with an unidentified man who would spice up her love life.

“She said, ‘I see a lot in the bedroom, and … I’m seeing a lot of things he doing to you,’” the Oscar winner recalled. The psychic, she said, went on to deem the mystery man “Hot Pants” in honor of his anticipated potency.

The only problem? “Hot Pants” has yet to make his appearance in Janney’s life. “This was a couple of months ago, and I still haven’t found Hot Pants,” she said.

The thus-far-fruitless search, however, has had some unexpected benefits. 

“It’s getting me out of the my house,” Janney said. “I don’t know if that’s what she was really trying to do, but I’m doing more things than I usually do.”

Later, Janney opened up about the experience of posing in a bright-red swimsuit for a photo spread that appeared in InStyle magazine last September. 

Though the 59-year-old actress had been working out regularly with a private trainer in the weeks leading up to the shoot, she admitted the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Laura Brown, had to talk her into it because of qualms she had about how revealing the photos would be.

“I knew that I would get a spray tan, and I knew that there is such a thing as retouching,” she said. “The shape is there, but there’s some nibbles and bits that were covered up.” 

She added, “I still am that person who cannot be in a bathing suit. The walk from the beach from my chair to the ocean is the worst walk of my life. I hate it.”