All the Things Instagram Made Me Consider Buying This Month

The Oxford English Dictionary describes the meaning of hellacious as “very great, bad, or overwhelming.” Who knew the same word could be used in a positive and negative way? I’ve been trying to use it in my daily conversations because, well, I think the word is hellacious (hellaciously good, that is.) Actually, I found it’s pretty easy to use on the regular: “The traffic was hellacious this morning.” (Bad!) “These shoes are hellacious.” (Good!) “These outfits on Instagram are hellacious.” (Both bad and good!) It happens to be the perfect word to describe some of the remarkable and horrifying pieces that I’ve come across on my feed as of late. So I thought today I’d share all those hellacious things with you—some remarkable and some that have made me think, Damn, that’s a thing! Perhaps you’ll consider buying them too.