All the New Spring Items I Bought Because of Targeted Ads

My targeted ads are comin’ in hot. I only need to whisper the words “I want a yellow sweater,” and the next thing you know, my computer screen looks like spilled corn chowder. I swear the store can hear me. What’s worse is that I then inevitably deviate from that word I was trying to find on Thesaurus and fall down a shopping rabbit hole of all the things that I could buy to wear with said yellow sweater. And therein lies the power of Google ads!

Targeted ads may be the ultimate cause of my procrastination, but they’re also the reason I now own a cool beige leather dress, chic floss heels, oh and the prettiest yellow sweater. Sometimes you just need that extra nudge of encouragement on an item you had fleetingly thought about buying, and just like a terrible ex your targeted ads will swoop right in with their charming good looks, luring you into thinking, You really need me, and will stalk you until you cave.

And because I caved one too many times, I’d like to share with you my recent purchases I bought because of all the targeted ads that have been stalking me.