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We’re here to have a good laugh, okay? Let’s go to this one now, AOC, Alexandria ocasio-cortez, continues to be a rock star in the democratic party. She drew bigger crowds at this weekend’s south by southwest festival than democratic presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Amy klobuchar where she made her case against moderate, quote unquote, Republicans. Watch. Moderate is not a stance. It’s just an attitude toward life of like, eh. We’ve become so cynical that — that we view mem or eh or sin cynicism as an intellectual superior attitude and we view ambition as youthful naivete, when we think about the greatest things we have ever accomplished as a society have been ambitious acts of vision. So, it makes a lot of sense to me at this point. I mean that did. That made sense. Really? That sounds a lot like trump to me. That sounds a lot like trump but on the left. I think we need more of what Bill Clinton did in the ’90s, working with moderate Republicans and less talk like this. Which part? Mem. You guys know this, I’m not an ideologue. I’m a moderate and if anything I would look at the country’s biggest moments in history and how did we get there? It was being able to listen to each other. I don’t look at the red lane and the blue lane and have to film one or the another. I would say I’m more nuanced. I think she sounds like a college professor a lot of times, like a sociology professor. She sort of says things like capitalism is ir redeemable, things like that. I had professors like that at queens college many years ago. That’s why the catholic search said don’t go to queens college. And I did. She’s espousing floss philosophies. She’s one of the biggest voices in the democratic party. Only Bernie Sanders I would think has a bigger Twitter following. To say this is Republicans making her a star, no, it’s the media to blame. I absolutely think the Republicans’ obsession, the Republicans picking on her because she’s dancing on a rooftop, wanting to know where she lived, picking on her because she was a waitress, all of those things have led to a lot of her stardom. Her taking on a sacred cow, Joe Crowley, and beating him, all her, took a lot of chutzpah and a lot of courage. The cardi B quality of clapping back on Twitter is what led her to this stardom. Are the Republicans to blame for the things that she said last week, that the country is 10% away from garbage. What does that mean? She said we are as close as you can be to garbage. The World War II veteran that we had here — That’s not what she’s talking I’m taking about what I feel. Do you think he feels that this country is 10% away from garbage. The democratics should make her as the platform. She is the greatest gift to Republicans. I want to make one little point here because they call her radical because she believes that automation is coming and that people should embrace it in a way because, you know, it will give people more time to do their thing and the reason that people are scared of automation is because the safety net is being pulled out from under us. Case in point, which I think is even more radical than anything she has said, is Mitch Mcconnell said in October that not being about — that not being about to push through social security and medicare cuts was the single biggest disappointment of my time in congress. This guy has sent the deficit through the roof and now wants people like you and me and all of us to give money from social security and all of the things that we’re entitled to in this country. That is a right wing radical position. That doesn’t make it better to say because someone else did something worse that it’s okay. Both sides. In terms of AOC, I agree with you, Republicans like to pick somebody as a boogie man and say this is the face of the democratic party. Let’s face it, she’s one freshman congresswoman out of Who has a bigger following than her on social media? The other thing is that when you proclaim her to be this leftist person, when you look at her policies, I think we need to stop talking about personalties and look at someone’s policies, she’s talking about the green new deal. There was an Iowa poll, Iowa, that just came out that said something like 91% polled say that they prefer a candidate who supports the green new deal. In Iowa, 84% say they prefer a candidate who supports shifting to a government-run health care system of medicare for all. 81% care about health care. Let’s face it — She’s a moderate, meh. Her positions tend to be embraced by people in the middle of the country. So this notion somehow that she is this leftist, left wing crazy person is not true. She said capitalism is ir Even some Democrats find her to be on the fringe of the left wing and of the democratic party. I can tell you that where I live, moderate Democrats were able to flip two seats in this last election. And I do think that she is — her creation, her ability and her skill in par is the obsession to the Republicans. There is logic to their method. They want to paint the entire democratic party with a brush stroke as fringe left and make her the spokesperson and make her the polarizing figure. Yes, she’s got the biggest following and with that comes a lot of responsibility. She needs to be accurate. She needs to be right. She needs to be responsible and thoughtful about what she says. She’s just one voice. She says she’s just one voice. The umbrella is very, very big. There’s room for a lot of voices. If your your message is capitalism is ir redeemable and you want to call the country 10% garbage — she has one of the biggest. I’d like that quote in context. 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