Alec Baldwin’s Trump Crashes Wild Dem Debate On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump crashed the latest Democratic debate in “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open to declare everyone a “loser.”

But that was after some fireworks, with Kate McKinnon’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasting Colin Jost’s Pete Buttigieg for his fancy wine-cave fundraiser. He shot back that he was the only candidate who wasn’t a millionaire or billionaire, and that he lived on his mayor’s salary — plus a $20 weekly allowance from his parents, but “only if I do my chores.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (played by Rachel Dratch) said the only cave she goes to is a “man cave; it’s called the Senate.” 

Fred Armisen’s Michael Bloomberg bought his way into the debate, and Maya Rudolph’s Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s no longer running, also managed to slip in, martini in hand, to “show you how good you could have had it, America … you could have had a bad bitch.”

Trump churned out nicknames for  everyone when McKinnon popped up, this time as a slying smiling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, clutching her articles of impeachment.

For more of the action, check out the video above.