Aidy Bryant Could Not Keep Character In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Blunder

The Season 45 premiere of “Saturday Night Live” had an unintentional star.

Things got a little chaotic during a political sketch over the weekend, when a stagehand rushed out a bit early to swap out Aidy Bryant’s blazer — making for one hilarious hiccup.


After the blunder, Bryant attempted to keep in character and plow ahead. She didn’t quite succeed in suppressing the giggles, but she made a valiant effort.

On Sunday, Bryant identified her now-famous colleague as a member of the show’s wardrobe department. “Last night on [“SNL”] you got a little sneak peek at one of my favorite people Audrey … aka my dresser for the last seven years,” Bryant wrote. “I just adore this woman… she has helped me pull pants on in the dark, become a chicken, a teacher, a dinosaur and always helps me feel confident to get up there and do it.”

Bryant went on to reveal that Audrey spends her days working as “a real deal park ranger teaching kids about protecting the wilderness.” But on Saturday nights, Bryant wrote, “I get to have her by my side.”

To see the very funny moment — and how everyone else on stage responded to it — check out the video above.