Actress Lily Cowles’s Beauty Routine Is Refreshingly Simple

On how fame has influenced her beauty vibe:

I love exploring and trying new things and being adventurous. I tend to be either really fresh-faced and wear almost nothing, or I go all out. I have no middle ground. Like, I don’t know what business casual is. I don’t understand it. I’m either in sweatpants or a gown. I sense that I actually look like a 12-year-old boy with no makeup on, which I’m totally cool with. I’m actually stunned by the spectrum of what I can look like. Like how I can look when I wake up versus how I go to sleep. I know this is changing, and I’m happy for it, but I’ve often felt really sad for men who kind of have to exist on one plane. Like they don’t get to experience this spectrum.

Granted, things are changing now, so I feel like guys get to explore a lot more. Now there so many men who are making amazing makeup looks. But anyway, I want to do more edgy stuff. I tend almost to take it to a degree where I think people get a little nervous. Recently I was in an episode of Roswell and I was trying to convince the makeup artist to bejewel my face—jewels on my cheekbones and each corner of my eyes. She was like, Lily, this is not happening. But with red carpets, I want to get avant-garde. Like Tilda Swinton in Suspiria.

Honestly, I’m grateful to be hitting this point in my life at this time. I’m a little bit older to be breaking in, but I’m so grateful for that because I have such a sense of myself now and I’m not afraid to put myself out on the line. I know the parts of me that really like to be androgynous and not be afraid of that. I’m excited to have a foundation of my sense of self that’s strong enough, where I can be like, No, no, put the jewels on my face.