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In the meantime, we’re watching several other races tonight. Many are very close in the polls, and some could make history tomorrow night. In Georgia, if Stacey Abrams wins, she would be the nation’s first African-American female governor. ABC’s Steve osunsami and so many of our teams out across the country tonight. Steve has the state of the race in Georgia. Reporter: Democrat Stacey Abrams’ final pitch to become the nation’s first black female governor has her getting out the vote in rural Georgia tonight. If every eligible Georgian in the state votes, then we will win this election. Reporter: If she wins tomorrow, Democrats everwhere will be studying her campaign, because Abrams has been preaching to the Progressive choir, talking gun control and subsidized health care, not at all trying to convince hard conservatives. And she has no worries bringing in out of towners like Oprah Winfrey to knock on doors. They said, “I have her cell number.” I go, “Give it to me.” I’m going to call her up right now. So I called Stacey Abrams, and I said, “Stacey, this is Oprah.” You know what she said? She said, “Girl, let me pull over to the side of the road.” Reporter: Republican Brian Kemp has the blessing of the president. This race is a battle for the soul of our state. Reporter: Kemp is ignoring repeated calls for him to resign from his day job as secretary of state, where he supervises state elections. Over the weekend, Kemp, in his official role, launched an investigaton into state Democrats, accusing them of hacking into state voter registrations without any evidence. I’m not worried about how it looks. I’m doing my job. He is abusing his power. He is both the candidate, he is the elector and he’s the guardian of the system. That is wrong. Reporter: Abrams says Kemp’s office is still sitting on thousands of registrations from minority voters. And Steve osunsami joins us live tonight from Atlanta. And Steve, this is a close election, might not end tomorrow night, in fact. Reporter: Yes, there’s a very real possibility of a runoff election. To win tomorrow, someone has to get to 50% of the vote, and there is a third candidate, a libertarian candidate in this race. And right now, this race is very, very tight. If no one wins a simple majority, a runoff will be scheduled in December. David? All right, huge stakes on both sides. Steve, thank you. Texas could also make history tomorrow night,

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