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Next tonight, tew fallout from the James Comey exclusive. The white house responding. Mey telling George Stephanopoulos he believes the esident is a serial liar and sally unfito be president. And George asking Comey, does hebee the Russians have something on the president? And tonight, did cos decision to go publicgain about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails just 11 days before the election her the psidency?at comeyow says.here’s ABC’s chief white house correspondent jhan Karl. Repr: We trie but as he left the W H morning, the president would not answerions about James comey.d you get once to watch the Comey interview, Mr. President? Mr. Presid cays you are morally unfit to serve. Anaction, si in his inrview wit George Stephanopoulos, the forme FBI doctor offered a damning assessment of the prt. Person WHEs moral equivalence in charlottesville, O T it and tats women like they’re pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big anall and insists the American people eve it, that person is not fit to be ent of the Ed states on moral grounds. He’s morally unfit to be presid Reporter: Comey tells George he believes the Russians may, I, have din trump. Dyou think the Russians have something on Donald Trump? I T it’s possib. I don’t know. These arreever thought I’d utter about a president of the ud but it pble. That’un you can’t say for certain that the prest of the ted states is not compromised by the Russia. It tunning and I wish I wasn’t saying it, but it’s just — it’s truth. Reporter: And Comey suggests the presid M bn committing a crime alleg king him to drop the FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, telling Comey, hope can let it go.” Was president T ructing Jue? Possibly. I me it’s certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice. Reporter: Pas denied it all. Did you, at any time, urge former FBI directos Comey in any, shape, or form to close or back down the investigation into Michael YNN? Also, as you look back — No. No.xt question. Reporter: The president has spent T last 48 hours savagin coon Twitter, calling him “Slipper” a “Slimeball,” “The worst FBI director in Ory,” adding for good measur”he is not smart.” Comey reopened the investigation intolary Clinton’s e-mails, upending herpaign, only to announce threes befehe vote that nothing improperad been found. George asked Comey, why not fi go through the eails before going public? You Coury to find out first whether or not they were indeed relevant.whether there waidence the of arime. Well, maybe. And maanother doctor might have done that. My view is, that would be a tentially reply irresponsible and dangerous thing to do. Reporter:eywledges he thought Clinton was going to win. I don’tember consciou thinking about that. But it must have been, because I was operating in a wore hiary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump. And so iure that it was a factor. Like I S I don’t remember spelling it out, but id to haven, that shs going to be elected president, and if I hide this from tmerican LE, she’ll be illegitimate the moment she’s elected, the times out. Repter: But she did not win. Something cosaas painful to H wife, who went to the women’s March righter the inauguration with R daught I wanted a woman president really badly, and I supported Hillary Clinton. A lot of my friends worked for R. And I was devastated when she lost. Reporter: James Comey’s new , that trump is soundly defeated2020. Values matter. Thissident does not reflect the values of this country. Jon Karl withs live tonight from west palmbeach, and Jon, Ms Comey attdent trump’s character in that video.the white houseing back today. And this kellyanne Conway, you saw her with GE on “Gma.” This man loves to W the proximity of power. Oves havindinner alone with the prent. He loves being alone in thevaloffice. He wanted a piece of it he lovedei in the pty of power, until he got fired, en wrote a book. Jon, the white house cle portraying Comey aseo Hu the spotlight. Repor the white house has responded to all ofshin all-out assault on Comey’s charr, rather thanng through and offer a point B point rebuttal. The ite house strategye S been toue a blanket denial and to say C sply is not edible. David? Jon Karl with us to Jo thank you.

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