A Wrinkle in Time Keeping

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If you don’t want your phone’s calendar to change time zones when you travel, you can lock down your appointments.

Q. When I travel, how do I make my iPhone’s calendar stop moving the business appointments I originally made at home to the time zone of the city I’m in? I want my phone to act like a paper calendar where an appointment written down for 11 a.m. stays at 11 a.m., no matter where I happen to be.

A. Unless you have gone to the Date & Time settings and turned off the “Set Automatically” option, the iPhone picks up the time in your current location when it connects to a nearby data network. This can be convenient for traveling because you get the local time instantly. (If your phone does not automatically update even though you have it set to do so, it may also be because of a bug some users have reported in iOS.)

If your calendar appointments are shifting to reflect the local time and throwing off your schedule, you can tell the calendar app to ignore the time zone the phone is using. So this means an 11 a.m. appointment made in New York will still be scheduled for 11 a.m. on the calendar, even if the phone’s own clock has moved five hours ahead to London time.

The Time Zone Override controls in the iOS settings can stop your calendar appointments from shifting to the local time when you travel.CreditThe New York Times

In recent versions of iOS, go to the Home screen, open the Settings icon and select Calendar. On the Calendar settings screen, tap Time Zone Override. Tap the button next to Time Zone Override to enable it and confirm that the time zone listed below shows your home location where you make all your appointments. Previously scheduled events on the calendar should then stay put, regardless of the time zone the phone is in.

Android users have a similar setting for the Google Calendar app. Open Google Calendar, tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner and select Settings. On the next screen, tap General and turn off the button next to “Use device time zone” to stop appointments from shifting.

For iPhone-toting business travelers who do not want to mess with override settings or those who share calendars with co-workers in multiple time zones, there is an alternative approach. Instead of disabling your calendar’s ability to automatically shift time zones to match the phone’s location, just schedule the meetings for the designated time zones when you set up the appointment.

If you do not want to stop your phone’s calendar from adjusting itself, take an alternative approach. When you schedule a meeting to take place in a different city, add the time zone there so the event will be correct when you arrive and your phone updates to the local time.CreditThe New York Times

When you tap the plus (+) sign in the iPhone’s calendar app to schedule a new appointment, set the time and then tap Time Zone underneath to choose the city where the meeting will be held. When your phone and calendar automatically shift when you land in the new time zone, the meeting should be on your calendar for the proper local time.

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