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But we begin with that bring newovernight. A justriking dn obamacar The federal judgetexas ruling affordablca unconstitional because the penalty R T having coverage imated. The sion, if ueld, cld care. The potential impact here huge the president overnight hail thisa victory. Docratic leers are vowing to fight in a battle th seems likely to head to the urt. C’s Tara pmeri is at E ite house with the latest. Tago T rood morning, Dan. Ithe lest battle over presidenama’s signure he care law at survived the sueme court twice but now a Texas federal judge is calling it uncstutional, a I likely head back to the high court. Overght a federal judge rithe affordable care act known as Obamacare along a mar blow for million of ans.u.s. District judged cog with the coalition of 20 repuan Ates rulin’s unconstitutional adding the remaining provns of the ac lid. President trump quickly tweeting his approval. Now congrs must pasa strong lawhat provides great th care and protects forrump after touting a health care ovulad-up to the midterms If Democrats gain power on Tuesday, one of their very firstprojects wl be a soclist keover of erican health care Reporr: And it comes after multipleailed attempts T repealnd replace Obamacare ck. The late Republican senator John McCain most notably in . Withoua repeal, reicans chip away at president Obama’ E healtcare bill the finalenalties associated with it which ING to the T district court now makes it unconstitutional. Use minorityder Nancy Pelosi who is expected to become Ker blastihe decision Ng the Democrats W inteen appeal process. Quote, ton’s districcourt rulixponstrous endme and repub’ all-out on people with pre-existing conditions and americans’ccess to affordable are. The ruling coming on the eve of tonighdeadline T sign up for coverage in 2019 which Americans still do before the clock hits midnight. Earlier this week, presideurging the do just that. Sn up for health nce at healthcare.gov befohe deadli on deceer 15th. You can do it right no Back now live with Tara Tara, that is going to happen next and what dose million of enrolled ICANs do? Reporter: Well, Eva, for now ING changefor people who are enrolled in the program, but T is an elemof uncerty as the ruling goes to the appeal process that will likely go all thheupreme cou. Ev All right, Tara Palmeri at the white house, Tara, thank you.

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