A Style Interview With Actress Lashana Lynch

In the most buzzed-about film of 2019 so far, Captain Marvel, British actress Lashana Lynch plays an “all-around badass.” She tells me fondly about her character, Maria Rambeau, over the phone from London. “She’s an ex–test fighter pilot, a brilliant mom, and the best friend of Carol Danvers [Ed. note: the lead, played by Brie Larson],” says Lynch. “They train together in the military and build a really strong, resilient, everlasting friendship that stands the test of time.” Lynch, a classically trained theater performer who also recently starred on Shonda Rhimes’s period drama Still Star-Crossed, is working on the highest-profile projects of her career—and at age 31, she speaks with a poised self-possession about fame, red carpets, fashion, and body confidence.

As a curvy, 5’9″ woman of color in an industry of mostly petite white women, Lynch stands out. She knows this, and with her style choices both on carpets and in everyday life, she aims to wear her identity proudly. We got the chance to chat with Lynch on the heels of the Captain Marvel premiere about all things style—from the one outfit she feels best in to her favorite red carpet moment to her impressive collection of sneakers (or trainers, as the Brits say). Keep scrolling to read our conversation and to shop some of Lynch’s fashion favorites.