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Dan is joining us on couch. Got to get his B editation for fidge accept contains” L talk about finding iveappier a he’ll talk aboreaking U with yourent you did it for a ek. Hk your happiness.ve long psonally S and science backs this up THA constantly checking my phone which I Daking me less pructive, LE have M nose in the phone. So, I was eager but also a to give this expement a shot. ?????? in the age ofne we humans may be conducting worldwide unregulateexperiment on our brain. 100% I’m definite ony phone O much. We are quite teleft tour own devices 81% of smartphone users eep thehone near them almost all the time during waking hours. Our phones having effects on atttion and memories and our ability tos. Reporter: Enter Katherine price. Sciee journalist recovering tech and authorf “How to break up with you phone.” Do I have to throw the thingute Breg up with yourhone doesn’an getting rid of it but looking to your pho THIT. Good morning, everybody. Reporter:s anays on news anchor I feel like I a particularly dysfunctional relationshiph my phone. Kaake theartphone put gned by a university of Connecticut psychiatrist answering with songly agreeree to questns such a I spend more Tim textin tweeting or emailing opposed to talking to people in person and WHE I eat mls sm nearlyay of T P setting. The test rts that I need a psychic evaluate. Or some kind of intervention so I’m glad we’re here. Repter: For T record most people get Thi only illustrates the dealt of the problem. Hy do you want to break up with your phone? I get the S thats contribu to me feeling stressed awayherine made dig the phone’s new CING staon noger in the bedroo now inhe closet. Can’t believe “Goodning notifications deletedocial media. Like a littletwitchy. Phone br Oka day one made I as boring as possible but turin T whole thing to bck and white. I also got an alarm clock so the phone isn’t test thing I reach day two hadrap a rubber band around the phone so that every time I went for it I washed to ask why? It’s nice because I’m now not going to check it and tal to the oth humaneings with me on the set. Reporter: I recruited “Gma” viewer and mom Denise quarter to do thehone brkup th me. Mom. Kids wereeady for . Shesu H phone for about eight hours doing her won it’s alw I my back I know I’m doing the righthing by Ming Thi challenge a reality. Reporter:idweek wehecked in. Do you have a sense of whether Yo this is going to make a lasting change in Y life? You know, I actually do Thi S going he an impact will say tt having an ala clock is not anything that I ever tht that would have. Reporter: I went to dinner th my3-yearld the other day and iady phone with me B him and I didn’t get sucke into email or anything liketh going want to lose. R seven D — how do think mommy did? Kind ofod. Kind of good and kind of bad? Aye-yie-yie. I probably could have done better. It D was hard. I don’t K that roken all of my habut I have most definitelyeore aware. Reporter: For me the Brea a saner relatns with my device has fre up time richer relationshi with my family. O seey kid on T Hoff that little guy. All right full disclosure,ect. During the breakup would absolute backslide and get needly sucked into M phone D at is okay thexpou met in the story said scring up is buu can always start over. Nothing’en lost a Reay you have to keephard. We are addicted to ourphes. Just to say — they design these phones and T ASN your phones to hook so you haveow this is hard going in. A I just wt to say what was the hardesttnd WHA wash tip? Well,he hardest part was getting the discipl to put it — the phone in the closet evyime I wk in the door. Likedo. Or lose it like L does. That’s a really good way. Here’s area tip. She had me put aubber band around my phone so that every ti I Rea fhe phone, it’s tle cue of, oh, wait, what am doing, also, she has the wo ohe phone,o you want to pick me up rightnow? Which is a good reer and Y see it’s black an yon make yourhone black and white. It becomes boring and therefore you’re ltempd. I love the alarm clock tip. Yoully did not have one. I did not H on I don’t. I will because I R F M phone first thing. I think that’s great tip. Ot to get it out of the bedroom and I think of Y do tion. I Thi can H here beca one of th things meditation is good helps STO being so owned by all thes urges and random tughts we have and sometimes I feel my get myphone. And ditation can help you see it. The other thing meditation can science to back it up I to rebuild your attention span ishuge. Even ten minutes, ye I glad you’re saying. That’strue. Absolutely. Fascinating stuff. Thanksor doing it. Thank you. A lot hpful tips from Catherine price and”10% happier.” Get the detox plan on our website. There it is, the boo ere.

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