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. Next, to the poll adline breaking out of shington tonight. The secret memo just revealed. A 20-page confidential co correspondence sent fr prent trump’s legal team ier this year to special counsel ro Mueller, making the caehind the scenes to the special col he president can’t obstruct justice. That letters reported by “The York Times”, confirmed by ABC new tonight, ABC’s Tara Palmeri with te-breakinta Reporter: Tonight, a shocking se memo written by pdent ump’s legal team leaked to “The New York Times.” The 20-page , reportedly hand-delivered to the special unsel’s office in Jay, making broad claims that the presidennnot be guilty of ruction in the Russia usion case or be subpoen to speak to Robert Mueller. Russian collusion hoax, it’s a hoax. Eporter: The memo, a blueprint for P’s defense. His legal argues that, quote, “As the chief law enforcement officer, it would amount to him obstruct hif. They also added that he has the , quote, “Terminate th inquiry, or even exee his power todo does the president have the unfettered power as presclinton had, presi Reagan, I used to — I had the pardon attornk for me thatorked with president reaga Reagan gt 900 pardons. Far fewean Obama O president trump. M believer in the pardon power. Reporter: The preside lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was not rt of the legal team at E time, confirmed the contents of the letter to abcs,teg ABC news, quote, “If muelleies to subpoena us, we’re going to court.” The memo stating, ote, “In light of T voluntary offerings, your officele lacks the requisite need personally interview president.” , But what happens if Robert mue subpoenas the presidenilcomply? Well, we don’ to, he’s the president of united States. We can assert the ri as othresidents have. Reporter: 40 Tes before the publishing of”the New York Times” story, the president accusing justice department and the speciaunsel of leaking the letter, twee, “When this very expensive hunt hoax ever end? So badur country. Is the Sal counsel/justice department leak ers to the fake news media? Should be in DEMs corruption ins?” There’s no evithak came from the speciaunsel’s fice. Giuliani telbc news, it’s latest example of why he a the president waging a pr battle with Mueller’s team. Tara Palmeri Joi us now from white house. D Tara, I know Y spoke to Rudy ulni, he says even thoughs memo was written in ar is still theefense the president plans on using Reporter: Well,tom, you’re right. Even though it written about five months ago and by a totally different LE team, Giuliani says the legal defense strategy is still thesame, that a very broad inte pion of the powers of thepresidency Tom? Tara Palmeri from white house tonight.tara, thank you. And this programming note. Much more on allthis Tomo on “This week,” a very big show when George goe one-on-oneh president umtorney, Rudolph Giuliani.

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