A Guide to Shopping for Clothes This Fall

To be honest, when I first thought of reaching out to my sisters and friends to help them with their fall shopping needs, I thought it would be a breeze. After all, it makes sense that finding certain things on the highly saturated e-commerce space could be hard for the average consumer, but me? I’m a pro! How long could it really take for someone who does this all day for a living?

Well, folks, the answer is quite a while! From my sister Tiffany’s dresses-to-wear-with-boots request to my friend Lauren’s need for cool maternity wear, I understand why they had to ask for help because it seems that some fall finds don’t even come easily to me. Nonetheless, I couldn’t leave them high and dry, so I persisted. To see and shop the seven things I found for them (and now you), just keep scrolling.