A Guide to Lash-Lifts: Everything You Need to Know

Overall, the lash-lift went off without a hitch, and I’m beyond pleased with the results. Although I don’t feel like I could skip mascara altogether in my morning routine, I do see a major difference in my bare lashes. They look like they’ve been curled, even when I’m fresh out of bed. And as far as damage to my delicate lash hairs, I haven’t noticed any. In fact, I’ve seen no change in the texture or health of my natural eyelashes. I’d caution anyone with highly sensitive skin to consult a physician before having their lashes permed, as the keratin cream used is pretty strong and could cause a reaction. Also, be prepared for some residual glue from the process to linger on your lids until you can go in with a real wash. I’m antsy, so I found myself picking at the stuff for 24 hours.

The Sugarlash Pro team explained to me that the ideal candidate for a lift is someone who already has good length to their lashes, so that’s definitely something to consider before taking the plunge. For a service that can cost upward of $150, you definitely want to be sure that the results will be up to snuff. There are Sugarlash Pro partners all over the world who can help you determine whether a lash-lift is the right solution.

Maintenance-wise, I was advised that the lash-lift should last for six to eight weeks, meaning that I might be looking at two full months of beautifully permed lashes. According to my Sugarlash Pro tech, I’ll know it’s time for a touch-up when I see some of my lashes starting to revert to their original, less pronounced state.