A Guide to Each of Levi’s Jean Fits for Women

Recently I was in NYC for work and while catching up with some of my colleagues, the topic of Levi’s jean fits came up. They asked me for any wisdom about which styles were best and what they should look for. The next day, an invitation to come to Coachella with Levi’s landed in my inbox. Denim destiny? I thought so.

Fast forward a few weeks, and there I was in Palm Desert surrounded by every Levi’s jean fit you can imagine, from their new product to vintage finds. Plus, their design team was on hand to give fit advice and walk us through each and every pair. I tried on a giant stack of jeans—I’m embarrassed to admit I was a bit of a dressing room hog that day, but anything for the story right? After photographing my favorites including some Boomerangs to capture them in action, I was surprised to find that my picks were all new styles. I’m a bonafide vintage jeans devotee, so this was not what I expected at all. To get more insight into the backstory of each style and how they fit, I sat down with Karyn Hillman, Levi’s Chief Product Officer. Keep reading to hear her take on all of my favorite Levi’s jeans fits, plus my point of view too. P.S.: If you’re thinking about snagging a pair yourself and need a reference point, I’m 5’4’’ and wear a size 26.