A Complete Work Capsule Wardrobe for Easy Dressing

In the mornings, I don’t like to spend time thinking about what I’m wearing to the office. Instead of trying on endless outfits, I would rather spend my time sipping a morning latte, catching up on the news, and scrolling through the latest updates on my Instagram feed. To cut back on the time I’m spending deciding on what I’m wearing to the office, I’ve narrowed in on some key office essentials to develop an easy work capsule wardrobe.

Ahead, see the 13 pieces I rely on to for my outfits at the Who What Wear office. I will admit that these are pieces to wear to a fashion-centric work environment (that take the latest trends into mind), so they may not be suitable for every workplace, but there are some tweaks you can make to each of them to tailor them to your particular work environment. Go on to see my outfits and shop the workwear staples I can’t live without.