9 Ways to Style Button-Down Shirts for Women

The basic might be “boring,” but the styling trick fashion girls are applying to it certainly is not. As of late, it seems like everyone on the map has been wearing classic button-down shirts with most of the bottom buttons completely undone. This not only shows off a little skin in an unexpected way but also varies the outfit’s proportions in a forward way that looks good with pants and skirts alike. We first spotted this fresh styling technique during Copenhagen Fashion Week and watched it evolve into a full-blown trend throughout the rest of fashion month, and now, we’re here to report it to all of you.

Ahead, you will be able to see some of the coolest ways fashion girls have been incorporating this button-down styling trick into their seasonal wardrobes in addition to shopping all the button-downs worthy of this new hack. From outfits that are office-appropriate to ones that are perfect for a night out on the town, this no-fuss styling trick is the fresh update you didn’t know this timeless basic needed.