9 Ways Celebrities Are Wearing Blazers This Season

Celebrities all have their own personal styles, but there’s often overlap when it comes to the wardrobe basics they rely on to build their looks. And one of the staple items chic A-listers covet happens to be the tailored blazer. The essential seems to be a must-have for everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kaia Gerber to Priyanka Chopra, and rightfully so—the blazer of 2019 has a slouchier fit and comes in of-the-moment patterns and hues. It’s no wonder celebs are on board.

In fact, if you head over to Nordstrom, you’ll notice a range of current silhouettes that appear to be trending. No, not just because they’re literally on trend, but trending because hundreds of shoppers are currently viewing the wide assortment. How can we tell? If you click on a specific product, you’ll notice a line highlighted in red that actually showcases the exact number of people that are viewing a product at any given time. And it looks like celeb-inspired blazers have an extremely high viewership with sometimes over 50 shoppers viewing an option at any given time.

To showcase further, we rounded up nine of our favorite celebrity outfits featuring sleek blazers, and shopped out an inspired “trending” iteration available at Nordstrom right now. Keep scrolling for more—and elevate your fall outfit game (just like your favorite celeb).