9 Trends to Try Before 2018 Is Over

Bidding farewell to summer is never easy. We’ll deeply miss our breezy dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses, and denim cutoffs once temperatures drop and wardrobes shift. However, we’d be fibbing if we claimed we weren’t just a smidge excited for the arrival of autumn. After all, transitioning to this new time of year means more layering opportunities, added footwear possibilities, and an overall air of coziness. That being said, before we know it, we’ll be preparing for winter and, subsequently, the New Year (don’t shoot the messenger). As such, there are a few trends we still have to check off our bucket list before 2019 is here—and suspect you may too. From a controversial hair accessory you either hate or love to an outerwear favorite you should slip into before everyone else does, scroll down to find out nine trends to test-drive before 2018 is over and shop our picks to help you do it.