9 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Selfie Likes

Whenever you snap a selfie and post it to Instagram, wouldn’t it be nice to see those likes roll in? While it isn’t an exact science and the ever-changing algorithm can seem like a mystery to crack, there’s no doubt that there is some strategy involved. So, what are the best tricks to follow to rack up the likes on your next post?

To find out, I spoke with our very own social media editor, Mimi Postigo. She runs the @WhoWhatWear Instagram account and is an expert when it comes to what performs on the social platform this season and why. Ahead, she’s weighing in on exactly why our editors’ most liked selfies performed well. These tricks are takeaways anyone for themselves. Scroll on to see nine ways to boost your Instagram selfie likes, including how to can crop your photo so it outperforms the rest.