9 T-Shirt–and-Jeans Outfit Formulas Over-40 Women Swear By

Age doesn’t really matter when it comes to what you wear—we all know that. Whether you’re 25 or 52, you can wear whatever you please. However, it’s safe to say that by the time you’ve been around for 40 or so years, you have probably mastered several wardrobe classics (and the outfit combinations that come along with them). Such is the case with the essential T-shirt–and-jeans formula. It’s a duo we’ve all been wearing since we were younger, but it still translates to adulthood rather seamlessly. Plus, it’s a great option for warm temperatures, which is good news considering summer is nigh.

With this in mind, we turned to some of our favorite over-40 celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara to see how they approach T-shirts and jeans. Unsurprisingly, what we found was a slew of approachable, wearable, and polished ensembles that we’re replicating ASAP. Scroll down to see how these women wear their tees and denim, and shop the picks to test-drive their style in your own wardrobe.