9 Summer Trends a Mom and Daughter Think Are So Classic

Melissa Meyers and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, are Los Angeles–based influencers that consistently test out new trends to post on their feeds. On that note, while they both certainly have their own individual preferences when it comes to fresh looks, they actually agree on many. Sure, there’s a 32-year age difference between them (Melissa is 56, and Rachel is 24), but given that age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, the summer trends they both love are absolutely ageless in their eyes.

With that in mind, the Meyers women shared with us the nine summer looks they’re either wearing now or can’t wait to wear more of during the upcoming season. As a preview, we’re talking everything from versatile dress picks to chic accessories to modern tailoring finds. Keep scrolling to check out the trends, complete with a range of styling and shopping inspiration as well.