9 Summer Items a 55-Year-Old Former Nordstrom Buyer Loves

We’re always down for a bit of sartorial advice from Susie Wright—the 55-year-old former Nordstrom buyer, current stylist, and mastermind behind So Susie. And while age should have nothing to do with your style preferences, Wright’s style perspective over 50 is particularly intriguing given her long fashion career and experience over the years crafting well-rounded wardrobes for herself and her clients. Basically, she just knows what’s up.

Last month, we asked for her tips on the chicest pieces that pair well with jeans. Next, we thought there might be interest in the summer items she swears by. But we’re not talking about just any warm-weather pieces here. The staples Wright turns to are especially noteworthy because they’re all highly versatile and can be paired easily with other basics in her wardrobe. 

With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a digest on the nine summer items Wright loves because they go with so much. You’ll also find a bit of visual and shopping inspiration if you’re interested in adding a piece or two into your rotation this season.