9 Stylish Outfits With Skinny Jeans From Around the World

There are certain items many of us call wardrobe essentials. In the denim realm, skinny jeans—despite their sometimes polarizing nature—take the cake thanks to their classic and enduring quality. We all may have a few go-to uniforms we turn to with our trusty skinnies, but some fresh ideas never hurt anyone, right? Instead of looking for inspiration simply in our neck of the woods, we decided to go global for the coolest ideas.

Because honestly, one swipe through Instagram and it’s clear that women around the world are filled with forward ways to make skinny jeans feel effortlessly modern. Keep scrolling to check out how fashion girls style their favorite skinnies in cities from Maputo, Mozambique, to Paris, France. You’ll also find plenty of shopping inspo below if your skinny jean offering could use that fall refresh as well.