9 Short-Hair Accessories That Instantly Elevate My Look

Ever since I first cut my hair up to my collar bones four years ago (then to my shoulders, then to my chin, then to the crook of my smile), having short hair has become part of my identity. It feels quirky and sassy and different. At the risk of sounding maudlin, having short hair simply feels like me. It’s also easier to wash and takes less time to style. Overall, I’m a fan. My one and only qualm with my short haircut is that style-wise, it’s a little harder to elevate. In other words, there’s just less you can do with it. Folks with long hair can fashion it into intricate twists and updos when the occasion calls for it. And when your hair is dirty and you don’t feel like doing anything with it, you can toss it up in a neat topknot or a braid and look instantly polished. All this is harder when you’re working with less length, which is why, when in doubt, I turn to hair accessories.

When I don’t have the time to style my hair properly or don’t know what to do with it for a formal event or just want a little something-something to kick my hair game up a notch, accessories have become a go-to move. Whether it’s a velvet headband or a bejeweled barrette, the right hair accessory can immediately take your short hairstyle from meh to oh, cute with zero effort. Keep scrolling to shop my nine favorite short-hair accessories.