9 Outdated Fall Trends and 9 That Are Right on the Money

Like clockwork, there are certain classic trends you can expect to come back every fall: plaid, tweed, black boots, cable-knit sweaters, and the like. However, there are other styles that we’re happy to leave in the rearview mirror for the time being. To that end, I tapped my fellow Who What Wear editors and asked them about which fall trends feel outdated and which ones are perfect this year—and yes, you might want to take notes. 

Some of our editors’ least-favorite fall trends? Capes, mini bags, and baggy sweater dresses. As for me, for some reason I associate cowl-neck sweaters with pumpkin spice lattes (and that’s not a good thing), so I’ll be putting aside that look for now. Considering fashion’s cyclical nature, all of these are bound to come back at some point in the future, but there are lots of fantastic 2020 alternatives that are right on the money. Scroll down to shop.