9 Non-Boring Ways to Style a Trench Coat

Trench coats are undoubtedly a key component in wardrobes everywhere. Used for everything from protecting oneself from a drizzling day to being the perfect light layer for a chilly spring outing, this article of clothing serves so many purposes, making it difficult to get excited about when it comes to fresh outfit ideation. However, as of late, we’ve noticed some of the most stylish street style stars conjuring up inventive new ways to style a trench coat that we wanted to share with all of you. 

What can sometimes seem like a “boring” outerwear option has recently stepped up in terms of reputation, silhouette, and overall impact on one’s outfit of choice. Here, we rounded up nine new ways to wear a trench coat that will have you pulling yours out from the depths of your coat closet. We guarantee that after reading this article, you will not only be excited by your trench coat once again, but you’ll also be inspired to come up with a handful of new ways to style it.