9 Fall Trends That Will Remain Relevant Post-Pandemic

As fashion editors who look forward to fall shopping pretty much as soon as the previous fall ends, shopping for fall 2020 has been quite the head-scratcher for us. We can’t help but want to add some new pieces to our wardrobes, but without many places to go, we also don’t want to waste our money on things we aren’t going to wear.

Time will tell how long this new era of comfort-focused, functional fashion will last, but if we had to guess, we’d say quite a while. It’s hard to fathom wanting to wear a pair of leather pants all day or towering heels for a night out after months and months of sweats and slippers. At the same time, we long for the more polished outfits we wore pre-pandemic. And since fall fashion is naturally a little more elevated than that of the warmer months, we’re seeking out comfortable pieces that still offer that polish we crave.

Ahead, scroll along to shop each of our editor’s fall shopping wishlists in this post-pandemic world we’re living in.