9 Fall Shopping Investments to Buy in Your 20s

So I figured I’d give this story a go before I forget what I even wore in my 20s. (Given that I spent several minutes the other day trying to remember if I’m 35 or 36 (it’s 36), it’s certainly possible.) But just as important as remembering what I did wear is what I didn’t wear. For much of my 20s, I spent my clothing budget on trendy, inexpensive items that I’d quickly tire of. There are certainly exceptions but for the most part, I wasn’t particularly worried about longevity when I’d decide what to buy. I’ve spent the first half of my 30s making smarter wardrobe investments that I wish I’d started making earlier on. 

Since fall is on the horizon, I’ve been thinking lately about the types of pieces I wear the most this season, year after year, and they’re not the same trendy accessories, going-out tops, and dresses (to name a few) I was wearing 10 years ago. This is partly because my style has changed since my 20s and partly because I wasn’t making that many lasting purchases. My budget was certainly more limited then, as is the case with many 20-somethings, but I regret not living by the ‘ole less is more/quality over quantity adage a little more. 

With that, keep scrolling to shop the nine wardrobe investments I wish I’d made in my 20s, that work for every age group.