9 Emerging Street Style Brands That Will Define 2020

Working in fashion comes with plenty of moments to feel inspired, whether it’s experiencing a runway show, seeing a photo shoot come to life, or watching the industry come together in support of important initiatives such as sustainability. Personally, one of the things that inspire me most is the discovery of new talent. Whether uncovering a brand on Instagram or an emerging label at fashion week, I always get a ping of excitement when I find fresh designers that bring new voices to the world of fashion.

Often, young talent is spotted early on the street style scene with a mix of in-the-know editors, buyers, and influencers wearing the brands they support. So which up-and-coming labels should we expect to see this season? Ahead, I’m highlighting nine emerging brands that will define street style this month. From affordable pieces to investment buys, these are the cool fashion brands to know about now.