9 Cool Outfit Ideas for Women in Their 20s

It’s no secret that our style evolves as we enter new periods in our lives. That’s in part because of our changing tastes and needs (like that halter top you wore in your teens might not have a place in your workwear wardrobe when you hit the big 3-0). The places you shop (here are the best ones to check out if you’re in your 30s); the pieces you gravitate toward; the way you style things—it all changes as you enter different decades. 

You know your 20s are all about exploring, finding yourself, and learning about what you like—and this can certainly hold true to your fashion choices, too. You definitely want to have a good set of office staples on hand, but the second decade allows for a lot more freedom to check out and wear those crazy, over-the-top pieces that might not be as relevant to you when you enter the 30s. Do you want to try the latest “ugly” shorts trend to hit the street-style scene? Go for it. Or how about that midriff-baring crop top outfit? It’s the perfect festival look. 

Ahead, 10 cool outfits ideas women in their 20s will absolutely love, from a cool twist on a classic pairing to a comfy-chic getup you’ll want to wear on your lazy days, all courtesy of our favorite 20-something celebs.