9 Complexion-Matching Makeup Brands Other Than Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s cult-beloved beauty line Fenty Beauty disrupted the makeup industry practically overnight when it introduced the concept of “complexion-matching” makeup. That is, makeup that’s wholly and completely shade-inclusive for all skin tones. 

Not all skin shades fit into a light, medium, or dark label. Some gals have yellow undertones, while others have pinks or reds. Complexion-matching makeup is designed to tackle this problem by blending concealers and foundations with pigments that are meant to neutralize unwanted skin discoloration and pigmentation. Fenty Beauty was the first time many women felt their skin struggles were heard, and they rejoiced. 

While there’s no doubt that Fenty threw some subtle shade at non-inclusive makeup brands for their lack of shades, it also shed some (Killawatt Freestyle) light on those brands who’ve been in the complexion-matching game for years.

There are plenty of other makeup brands that cater to diverse skin tones, other than Fenty Beauty. Say goodbye to mixing multiple shades, and instead check out these 9 makeup brands other than Fenty Beauty that create complexion-matching makeup: 

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