9 Chic Fall Wedding Outfits to Be the Most Stylish Guest

If you thought wedding season only pertained to the spring and summer seasons, think again. There’s something about attending a ceremony during the fall. Be it the crisp air, the fallen leaves, or the all-around warm tones, autumn has us in a completely different mindset compared to the warm months past. However, that also means planning your fall wedding outfits is a whole different game. Namely, instead of bright and colorful dresses, you’re opting for darker hues and heavier fabrics—not to mention the possibility of sporting pants to these formal events.

Of course, considering the fact that fall weddings aren’t nearly as frequent as those in the spring and summer, planning out what to wear can be even trickier than usual. Not to fear, as that’s where we come in. We’ve put together the chicest ensembles to wear to any nuptials you have planned after Labor Day. From timeless slip dresses and jackets to fresh takes on the formal pantsuit, you’ll never have to worry about getting dressed for an autumn ceremony again.