9 Beauty Products Carrie Bradshaw Would Buy From Sephora

We hunt beauty products like it’s our job, to the point of alarm, even when we’re off the clock. We get weird looks at the gym when we stare too long at our sink mate’s morning makeup stash (hey, we just want to see what she’s using!), and we’re perpetually distracted while bingeing on our favorite TV shows. We become obsessed with identifying what face mask Kelly would have used in Saved by the Bell (ugh, we’re just curious, okay?) and also really, really want to know how many layers of hair spray it takes to keep Daenerys’s Game of Thrones braids in place. (Our estimation is a dependable 23.) Oh, and admiring Annalise Keating’s striking makeup moments in How to Get Away With Murder has been another all-time-favorite passion project.

Another hobby? Re-envisioning Carrie Bradshaw’s late ’90s/early 2000s beauty routine for today. Sounds fun, right? After all, even though SJP’s iconic character was fresh-faced the majority of the show’s run, there were certain signatures we could almost always count on: curls in one form or another, a glossy nude lip, a healthy flush, and ultra-glowy skin. So to help scratch the itch, we plunged into the depths of Sephora and handpicked the new beauty products that weren’t around during the Sex and the City era but would pair fabulously with Carrie’s beauty MO if she were still romping around NYC in 2019. Ahead, nine must-try theoretically Carrie-approved beauty products we think her character would totally stan. Keep scrolling!